Classified Employees of SEIU Local 99 Gear Up for “Back-to-School” As They Get Ready for Their “Save Our Schools” Campaign

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For Immediate Release
August 14, 2012

Statement on “Back-to-School” Day at LAUSD

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEIU Local 99 released the following statement by President Edward Reed:

“Campuses are buzzing with activity as Bus Drivers, Classroom Aides, Food Service Workers, and other SEIU Local 99 members at LAUSD get schools ready for students returning to school after a short summer. This early start year will give our children a head start in their studies and more time to prepare for tests.”

“We’re proud to provide the freshly scrubbed classrooms, shiny floors, and safe bus rides that are such a big part of the Back-to-School ritual. The truth is, though, that it’s more and more difficult as fewer and fewer staff members are available to help create this magical time of new classrooms, new schools, and new books and supplies. State budget cuts have threatened to take away this magic.”

“SEIU Local 99 members are doing our part. To make it through this new school year, we’ll be taking ten furlough days. We know it will be a hardship on students and on school employees, but this sacrifice will ensure that jobs are saved so we can continue to deliver vital student services.”

“The early start to the school year also jump starts SEIU Local 99’s efforts to find long-term solutions to the budget crisis. This month, SEIU Local 99 members will begin efforts to make thousands of phone calls and knock on hundreds of doors to remind voters to vote yes on Proposition 30, Governor Brown’s Schools and Safety Protection Act. In addition to securing revenue, we want to continue to make sure the voices of the 99% are heard. That’s why we will work to defeat Proposition 32. Without the new revenue for our schools and the voices to continue advocating for that revenue, we will see even more cuts before this new school year ends. As students return to class today, we are all accountable and responsible for making sure children don’t have to face even more cuts in January. It’s up to us to make sure this new school year lives up to the excitement and promise of ‘back-to-school’ day.”


SEIU Local 99 represents nearly 45,000 employees in public and non-public organizations in early education, child care, K-12, and community college levels. SEIU Local 99 members are: Teacher’s Assistants, Playground Workers, Special Education Aides, Bus Drivers, Gardeners, Custodians, Cafeteria Workers, Maintenance Workers, Family Service Workers, Child Care Providers, and others working in schools, colleges, and administrative offices throughout Southern California.

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