Members at LAUSD Win Improvements to Paid Necessity Leave

Local 99 members at LAUSD will have fewer restrictions on use of personal leave

SEIU Local 99 members in LAUSD Units B, C, and F have won more flexibility in the use of paid personal necessity leave. Our union led talks with the District on this issue and they agreed to expand the reasons for personal leave to include serious events that are not specifically listed in our contract. Previously, members could only take personal necessity leave in very specific cases such as a death in the family, an accident, birth of a child, or a natural disaster. Under our new agreement with the District, members can now also take paid personal time off for “other significant event of a compelling nature ….which the employee cannot reasonably be expected to disregard, limited to one occasion in any school year.” This new agreement is now part of our contract.

For the full language of this new agreement click below:

Unit B Personal Necessity Leave Agreement

Unit C Personal Necessity Leave Agreement

Unit F Personal Necessity Leave Agreement

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