We had a spirited and emotional Speak-Out in front of LAUSD Headquarters on Tuesday, June 13. And there’s no doubt that it had an impact on our bargaining session on Friday, June 16.  One of the first things the LAUSD negotiators said was that the School Board heard us — and the District is working on a wage proposal to present to us soon. We let them know that we’re looking forward to a fair proposal.

We did make progress on other issues. We reached a tentative agreement on a proposal that will strengthen our Labor Management Committees, including opening Labor Management Committees to members in Unit F (Teacher Assistants) and Unit G (Community Representatives, After School Workers, Playground Supervisors). Previously, members in these units did not have Labor Management Committees that allowed them to address their worksite issues and concerns directly with key administrators. We also signed-off on a tentative agreement that will improve our grievance procedure.

These agreements are promising, but the District also showed us that nothing will come easy and we’ve got to step-up our fight. The District rejected our proposal to increase staffing levels for Building and Grounds Workers. This is unacceptable. The District knows that Building and Grounds has been understaffed for years. This has a direct impact on the health and safety of students. And the impossible workloads Building & Grounds Workers have to endure have got to stop.

Let’s keep pushing forward!  Our next bargaining session is on Wednesday, June 28.