At our bargaining session on June 28, LAUSD presented us with a proposal for a one-time 2% wage increase. 2%, for three years, really?

We said, no way. 2% is NOT enough! It’s not enough to raise our families with dignity and stability. It’s not enough for our hard work, our experience, and the dedication we have for the students we work with every day.

We need to make sure that the District hears this – not just from those of us on the bargaining team – but from every SEIU 99 member working in the District. Here are some things you can do right now:

Sign the Solidarity Pledge. We must show the District that they’re not just negotiating with the 15 people on the Bargaining Team. There are 30,000 of us. Sign the pledge here.

We’re planning more actions and we’re bargaining throughout the summer. For the latest updates, continue to checkout this website and LIKE our Facebook page.

If you’re not an official member of our Union, sign-up here. Let’s show our strength in numbers!

In addition to our wages, other issues we discussed at the bargaining table included, bidding procedures for transportation and tuition reimbursement for members attending school. The District did not have a response for us on our proposal to eliminate the outsourcing of Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII) providers in Special Education. They also have not yet responded on our proposal to give Community Representatives a stronger voice to advocate for themselves and their students. And they rejected our proposal to increase staffing levels for Building and Grounds Workers to 2006-07 levels.

We’re not taking “no” for an answer. I can tell you that all of us on the Bargaining Team are committed to winning the best contract possible. But the District needs to know that we’re not alone.

Just last week, our brothers and sisters in the Procurement Department showed us the power of standing Union Strong. They fought back against years of unfair Z-Time rules. They signed a petition, spoke-out, and turned-out in force for an informational picket line in front of District warehouses on July 29. And the District listened. Read more about what they won here.

This proves that when union members stand united, we win. Our next bargaining session is scheduled for July 10. Stay tuned for more.