Our Bargaining Team met with the District on Tuesday, July 18. We made some progress in regards to the subcontracting of work to Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII) providers. We discussed the concept of creating a pilot program with LAUSD so that Special Education Assistants and other SEIU 99 members can have the opportunity to do BII work in the future. We’ll continue to push on this. Stay tuned for more.

We’re also continuing to push forward on the issue of heavy workloads and understaffing in Building and Grounds. We challenged the District’s Chief Negotiator to walk a day in the shoes of an LAUSD custodian so that he can really know what members go through every day. And guess what? He agreed. Next Friday, LAUSD’s negotiator and attorney Najeb Khoury will be working a shift with Building and Grounds Worker Edna Logan at Esteban Torres High School.

Finally, the District continues to be stuck on their 2% wage increase for three years. We say, no way! The School Board just received a 174% wage increase. It’s an insult to those of us who are on the front lines with our students every day.

So as many of us start gearing-up to go back to school next month, let’s also prepare to show our Union Strength. On the first day of school, wear your SEIU 99 purple t-shirt or any purple clothing. Believe me, the District is paying attention.

And if you haven’t signed a pledge form yet, sign one today and show you stand united with our Bargaining Team.

Remember, we negotiate with the District because we are union members. As individuals, we won’t get very far. United, we have the power to demand more.