SEIU Local 99’s LAUSD Bargaining Team is currently in contract negotiations with the District. In addition to wages and benefits, we’re pushing for better staffing and more services for the children with special needs that we serve. So just when we’re telling the district we need more hours and more positions, they retaliated and proposed cuts instead. They have shown us their plan to cut hours of 617 Special Ed Assistants and Trainees. Actually, they tried to tell us it was a done deal! But we have challenged this have let them know that this is bargaining in bad faith. Special Education employees are ready to fight this.

As Gil says in the video: “Join us as we plan how we’re going to stop this nonsense!”

Come to the Union Hall this Tuesday for a planning meeting top stop the cuts:
August 8, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.
SEIU Local 99 Downtown Office
2724 W 8th St., L.A. 90005