2%: Still a Sticking Point in Bargaining. Time for Members to Make the District Budge. Health Care Cut Threats: District Backs Off

Our picket lines, sticker-ups and other actions are being heard. Our bargaining team is making progress at the bargaining table.

Special Education Assistants and BII Pilot

During negotiations on November 9, we had a positive conversation about setting up a pilot program for eligible SEIU Local 99 members to be trained as Behavior Intervention Implementation providers (BIIs).

No movement on wages

After months of negotiations, LAUSD refuses to budge off their measly 2% raise and 1% one-time bonus – while school board members just got a 174% raise!

If we want fair wages for our families and improved staffing for student services we need to turn-out in force on Tuesday, December 12. We’ll be marching on LAUSD Headquarters in Downtown L.A. during the school board meeting. This is our moment to show the District that we are valuable members of the education team – and we demand respect!

We’re moving forward on health care bargaining

LAUSD had been threatening to cut health care benefits. Our unified action, including picket lines led by Local 99 members, moved the District to maintain current benefits – but we still have work to do.

In addition to contract negotiations, we are also negotiating with the District over our health care benefits. We are at the table united and strong with the other seven unions that represent workers at LAUSD, including teachers, administrators, and school police. The District had initially signaled that they did not plan to continue funding benefits at the current level. However, on October 26, LAUSD made a counter-proposal to fund our healthcare at current levels for the next three years.

This represents significant progress and is a direct result of all LAUSD labor unions working in solidarity at the table, and the power of our escalating organizing efforts and collective actions. The District moved as a result of our work together. However, there is more work to be done.

The District counter-proposal would freeze their annual contributions to the healthcare fund at the 2017 level, with all future cost increases coming from healthcare reserves, which is not sustainable and opens up the possibility of healthcare cuts in the future. Our next healthcare bargaining date is scheduled for Nov. 16, where we will continue to push for the best possible healthcare agreement for union members.

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