Over the past few weeks, SEIU Local 99 members took action like never before. Thousands and thousands cast their ballots at the union office, online, and at over 700 work sites – including schools, bus yards, early ed centers, special education centers, nutrition centers, other work sites.

The results are loud and clear: Members vote overwhelmingly to authorize our bargaining team to call for a strike.

A clear and decisive 94% voted to strike.

We’ve let the District know that the members of Local 99 have spoken and we’re ready to strike – for fair wages, for more staffing, for respect.

So, what’s next? We will continue in negotiations with the District. We are currently scheduled to bargain with them on April 20 and 30. If there is no significant movement by April 30, we will begin the process to call for a lawful strike. We want to be clear that we will follow every step under the law to ensure that striking workers are protected.

Our bargaining team could decide to call for a general strike before the end of the school year. Or it’s possible that certain worksites could strike to protest the District’s unfair labor practices. We have filed charges against LAUSD with the Public Employment Relations Board to protest bad faith bargaining and threats and harassment of union members, including denying us access to some strike voting sites. Our bargaining team will review all our options and decide on the best action to take.

In the meantime, we must begin preparing for a strike. We need members to step-up to be strike captains. This means you will take the lead to prepare your school, worksite or your area to take action. If you would like to be a strike captain, click or tap the button below.

Sign-up to be a Strike Captain

As we prepare for a strike, it’s also important to be aware that supervisors may begin saying things to discourage you from striking.

They may promise to give you more hours or other perks if you don’t strike.
They may ask you if you voted to strike or are planning on striking.
Supervisors may start showing up at union meetings at your worksite.
They may threaten to replace or fire you if you go on strike.

This is all against the law and you should report it immediately. Contact your Steward. Or fill out an online inquiry form at www.seiu99.org/help.

As we’ve said from the beginning, the goal is not to strike. But we must be ready to take this strong action if we want a strong contract. We’ve been in negotiations for a year and it’s time to step-up the pressure on the District. They already increased their wage offer to 3% as a result of our strike vote. It’s not enough. So let’s get ready to put our votes into action.

We should all be proud of the courageous step we’ve just taken together. Let’s continue to move forward.