Members have cast their ballots. The votes are counted and an overwhelming 97% of voters approved the new 3-year contract with LAUSD.

We should all be proud of the hard work we did to win this contract. We negotiated for over a year with LAUSD and they would not budge off a one-time 2% increase for months – until we took action and were ready to strike. That’s the power of standing union strong!

In our new agreement, we secured wage increases of 3-4% in the first year, an additional 3-4% wage supplement in the second year that will become an ongoing increase if the District has positive budget projections as of March 2019. We are confident in the District’s funding because they have a healthy surplus and the new state budget includes more money for education. Plus, we’ll have the opportunity to negotiate for additional increases in the third year of our contract.

What’s next? The LAUSD School Board must vote on the agreement. They are scheduled to vote on it on June 12. After that, the contract will go into effect. One of the first gains you will see is a paycheck with retroactive pay that you can expect in July.

Read about our other gains in the contract.

This is just the beginning. Through our new contract, we will also be expanding our Labor Management Committees, so we can continue to address worksite issues even when we’re not in contract negotiations. One of the immediate issues we’re addressing is the unilateral cuts to Special Education Assistants and Trainees. The unfair practice charges we filed are still pending and we’re not giving up until a fair resolution is reached.

We’ll also be working with the District on the Education and Training Fund we established in the contract to ensure that dedicated employees can continue to advance and promote within LAUSD. And we’ll be working jointly with the District on the $2 million Cleanliness Fund we won to ensure there are more resources, including more staffing, to keep our schools clean.

As we wrap-up this school year, let’s celebrate what we’ve been able to accomplish together. United, we can continue to move forward.