“I tell everyone I get paid to play. I love my work because of the kids. Sometimes, I work past my paid hours or dip into my own my pocket to help the children buy lunch because I care so much for my students.”

Kirsten is a dedicated education worker who has given 17 years of service to the Los Angeles Unified School District. But, like many of the 30,000 Classified Employees at LAUSD, she struggles to provide for her family in the summer.

“Every summer, I have to try and make ends meet when I don’t have work. I have to take little side jobs doing hair and sometimes that’s not enough. I have to max out credit cards to pay for my life necessities – rent, utilities, and my car. It’s hard for me to find a summer job because employers know I can only be there for two months and I’m also disabled.”

“I’m advocating for a Summer Fund for my 11-year-old daughter. Without work in the summer impacts her the most and it hurts me to have to tell her no when she wants to do things. There’s simply no money or I have no time when I have to go out looking for work wherever I can.”