The LAUSD School Board ratified our contract on June 12. A majority of the board members clearly understand that it takes teamwork to put our kids first and voted in favor of the agreement. Only Nick Melvoin objected. While Melvoin said he recognized our hard work, his objection demonstrates that he does not understand the value we bring to students’ education. As we move forward, we will continue to hold him accountable – and educate him about our contributions to student learning.

Local 99 members voted to approve the agreement in May. With the LAUSD school board also voting to ratify the agreement, our contract is now in effect! We can be proud that after 15 months of working together we won higher wages, more job protections, and new funds to improve cleanliness and staffing levels.

Read a summary of the agreement. Or read the full language for Unit B, Unit C, Unit F, and Unit G.

Of course, our fight for quality schools and better lives is not over. Our new contract also gives us a stronger voice to advocate for our students and our jobs through expanded Labor Management Committees. These committees allow members to meet directly with LAUSD managers to address issues related to specific job classifications, including special education, early education, transportation, food services, information technology, community representatives, and more. Additionally, members will be working with the District to administer the new Education & Training and School Cleanliness Funds.

We did this together by standing union strong at the bargaining table and at our schools and worksites. Let’s continue to move forward to build on the gains we’ve made in this contract.