Many providers in our union experience problems with Stage 1 Child Care variable schedules. So, we took action. Our petition urging the LA County Board of Supervisors to address providers’ concerns gathered hundreds of signatures! This led to several meetings with the LA County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS). Our meetings gave us an opportunity to create positive changes in the programs we use to provide care for our community’s children. Here are just some of the improvements made through our DPSS meetings:

  • Employer/School Signature – Beginning July 1, 2018, parents will only be required to obtain signatures every 6 months. *for variable schedules only
  • Confidentiality – Eliminated provider’s sensitive contact information (SSN/ITN) on ST105 applications. Resource & Referral (R&R) agencies will now use the information providers have on file for child care services requests. You must check the box stating –“I would like the Child Care Agency to use my rate sheet and license, which I previously submitted.”
  • Stage 1 Case Issues – DPSS requests we contact the respective R&R complaint liaison. We are still working to obtain a complaint procedure for Stage 1 cases.
  • Attendance Records – If a parent leaves without signing their Stage 1 paperwork the agency will honor your personal attendance sheets and furnish payment based on your records. Make sure to keep an accurate log showing the date, daily parent signature and time a child was in your care.
  • Pay Updates – DPSS and R&R agencies will make certain exemptions and pay us for care when a parent leaves without signing the appropriate paperwork or if paperwork is missing. Please follow up with the complaint liaison from the respective R&R you contract with to address this. If you still have issues or if your case is not resolved, contact your union representative as soon as possible!
  • In San Bernardino County – “When I had a Stage 1 payment issue and couldn’t get a hold of anyone from the TAD office I called my union organizer. She gave me the contact information for Rhonda Wolfe, the Interim Deputy Director of TAD. Mrs. Wolfe was very helpful and resolved my issue promptly. She also shared the contact list of all TAD managers in San Bernardino County. Do not hesitate to contact a manager or Mrs. Wolfe. I hope we, San Bernardino County providers, can establish a partnership with TAD to ensure that families have access to quality child care and that we are reimbursed in a timely manner.” – Latonia Williams, Child Care Provider (Fontana)

Contact Us – For Los Angeles County R&R Agencies Complaint Liaisons and/or San Bernardino County TAD contact lists, call or email — Melissa Noriega | (213) 215-7947 | [email protected]