///Mandated Child Abuse Reporter Training

Mandated Child Abuse Reporter Training

Beginning January 1, 2018, all licensed providers, applicants, directors, and employees must complete a required child abuse training (Health and Safety Code 1596.8662).  You must complete the training every two years. This is verified during inspection. If the training is not available in your primary language you will be exempt until CDSS makes it available. You can access the online training provided by CDSS at www.mandatedreporterca.com 

Upon completion of the training, the online module will issue you a certificate of completion. You must maintain this on file for all employees and make it available when requested by Licensing.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule a training in your home, please contact Melissa Noriega (213) 215-7947.

These are the four steps to file a report:

  • Step 1 Call the Child Protection Agency
    • Mandated Reporters must report suspected abuse to a child protection agency as soon as possible by telephone. If the situation is urgent or there is an immediate safety threat, call the police (911).
      • In LA County, call 1 (800) 540-4000
      • In San Bernardino County, call 1 (800) 827-8724
  • Step 2 Send Written Report to the Child Care Protection Agency
    • The call must be followed within 36 hours by a written report to the child protection agency. The report must be filed on the Department of Justice Form SS8572, the Suspected Child Abuse Report (SCAR) form. The form is available at welfare offices, local enforcement agencies and/or online http://bit.ly/SCARform 
  • Step 3  Call or Fax Licensing 
    • Call or fax your report before the close of the next working day (following the day on which the reportable event occurred) to Community Care Licensing during normal business hours.
  • Step 4 Written Report to Licensing
    • A written report must be submitted to licensing within 7 days using either the Unusual Incident/Injury Report Form LIC 624B or a letter that contains the specific information required. Available online http://bit.ly/LIC624B
    • Note: If you made your initial report (Step 3) by faxing the Unusual Incident/Injury Report directly to your local licensing office you do not need to complete Step 4.
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