Operating a family child care business is very rewarding but it can also be stressful. Licensing, Resource & Referral (R&R) agencies and food program representatives can flaunt their authority. We feel alone and isolated when licensing requirements are changed without proper notice. But, we know united, we are strong!

Recently, Community Care Licensing made changes to Title 22 regulations. When we questioned why providers weren’t adequately informed about these changes their response was that as business owners we are responsible for staying up to date on regulations! This is unacceptable. But, through our union, we have taken the lead in ensuring providers are informed and up to date on all licensing requirements. In fact, after our first year of partnering with Community Care Licensing (Winter 2016) the most common citations decreased by ~10%. These positive results paved the path for provider input meetings with Community Care Licensing.

We hope you are able to participate in our informative, regular union licensing workshops. Attending a licensing workshop equips you with knowledge about the child care advocates program, how to subscribe to licensing’s quarterly newsletters, and how to navigate ccld.ca.gov, which has many online resources for providers. More importantly, we now have the opportunity to gain clarification on capacity limitations and staffing requirements, learn about new required immunizations, the increased civil penalty implementation, and attain our mandated child abuse reporting certification. Check out our calendar to find the nearest workshop or contact Melissa Noriega (213) 215-7947 to become a Local 99 member and host one in your neighborhood!