In August, union child care providers attended one of our regular Licensing Workshops facilitated by Child Care Advocate,Shoghig Khadarian, where we found out the California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division was proposing changes to Title 22 regulations. The changes were regarding safe sleep for infants in child care facilities. Within the proposed regulations, CDSS will require safe sleep equipment such as cribs or play yards for Family Child Care Homes (FCCHs), supervision requirements during the infants’ sleep time at FCCHs, clear guidelines surrounding supervision for sleeping infants in Child Care Centers and homes, safe sleep position requirements, and other changes.

These regulation changes intend to support preventative measures in child care facilities, lower the risks of SIDS, and require safe sleep practices for infants. In response, SEIU Local 99 sent an email to help providers share their input on the changes. Many providers submitted their comments to Licensing, helping ensure providers can influence important decisions that will impact the way we run our child care businesses. It also important to note Licensing will begin to conduct annual visits now instead of every 3-5 years as was done in the past. Our regular licensing workshops, often hosted in providers homes, are not only opportunities for training but also enable us to stay up to date on the latest changes or regulations. That’s the power of our union. Proposed changes will be coming in November 2018. To find the latest Quarterly Updates from CDSS, click on our link on the workplace homepage.