Dedicated education workers at The Accelerated Schools (TAS) are currently in contract negotiations to reach a fair contract that uplifts our community and students. We are committed to winning an agreement that respects our jobs, raise our wages, and guarantees us a voice on the job to resolve issues that may arise in the workplace. But, TAS has been stalling and acting in bad faith. In over a year of negotiations, they have not moved on wages or benefits. TAS canceled our most recently planned bargaining session and rescheduled for September 6.

In the time since your bargaining committee has been hard at work reaching out to parents at TAS meetings. We’ve handed out hundreds of flyers to parents attending back-to-school meetings. In our conversations with parents, we are asking they contact TAS CEO Johnathan Williams and demand TAS invest in our schools. Currently, our wages do not meet the minimum wage standard for Los Angeles. As a charter school operator, TAS advocated being exempt from paying the city’s minimum wage. At LAUSD, where the staff is valued, everyone is paid above the minimum wage. It is unacceptable for TAS or any other charter school to pay these poverty wages. Poverty in our community is already one of the highest in the city. When parents don’t have good, stable jobs, students suffer. Parents who must work multiple jobs have to sacrifice the time they would be spending with their children to make enough to live. Budgets are tight and sometimes it obligates us to deny our children the opportunities and materials needed for successful learning. There is also a staff turnover due to low wages. Many experienced and dedicated staff members are forced to leave for better-paying jobs. This disrupts services to students.

CEO Johnathan Williams responded to our mobilizations by threatening and surveilling our members. This is against the law and we have since filed Unfair Labor Practices with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). We must be ready to take further action to win the wages, respect, and benefits we deserve. Stay tuned to our webpage for more updates on bargaining and we invite you to participate in future actions.

In solidarity,

Hilda Rodriguez Guzman,
Student Health Services Coordinator
TAS Bargaining Unit