On September 6, we resumed our contract negotiations with TAS. They had no wage proposal to offer us. Enough is enough! After nearly a year in negotiations, TAS has proven it is not serious about reaching a fair agreement with real wage increases and respect on the job. Our bargaining committee has decided to declare an impasse in negotiations. This means that we cannot move any further in our contract bargaining without the help of a mediator. We will be filing an official declaration of impasse with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). It also means we must be ready to take our fight beyond the bargaining table and into our communities. If we want the wages, respect, and voice on the job that we deserve, we must be ready to take action.

We are committed to winning an agreement that respects our contributions to student learning, ensures fair wages so we can raise our children with dignity, and guarantees us a voice on the job.

In its mission statement, TAS states that it seeks to provide, “…a supportive learning environment, and extensive parent involvement”. How can they do that when they continue to offer TAS employees – many of us parents – poverty wages and disrespect? South Los Angeles is one of the poorest communities in Los Angeles and TAS’ poverty wages are contributing to economic insecurity in our neighborhoods. This is not how we build a supportive learning environment. We need a contract that uplifts our communities and helps retain experienced staff in our kitchens, hallways, playgrounds, and classrooms to enable our students to learn in the best conditions possible.

In Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee
Maria Macedo, Norma Acosta, Eva Barba, Johnathan Chavez, Tere Ramos, Hilda Rodriguez-Guzman