Degree Track Teacher Assistants are required to complete a minimum of 12 units a year as a condition of employment. Our contract, however, allows degree track teacher assistants who fall short of the annual requirement a one semester grace period during their career with the district.

So, when LAUSD unjustly terminated a teacher assistant because she was denied the opportunity to use a grace period to make up college credits, she took action. She worked with Local 99 to file a grievance. The District claimed that the grace period can only be used in extenuating circumstances. But our union contract is clear, and an arbitrator ruled that the district violated the contract. Additionally, the arbitrator ruled the District had inconsistently applied the credit requirement. For 8 years in a previous position with the District, the credit requirement was never applied. Only in her second assignment did they apply it. The arbitrator ruled that the member was unjustly terminated and ordered that she be reinstated to her position and paid full back wages. It pays to know your contract and take action.

If you are a Teacher Assistant and believe that the district is not honoring the grace period to meet your college credit requirements, contact our Member Resource Center by completing an inquiry form.