Members at Middleton Primary Center are among the many SEIU99 members who have been wearing stickers demanding RESPECT!

Since the beginning of the current school year, LAUSD has been slow to respond on some key issues impacting thousands of Local 99 members and the students we serve. So, we’re taking action to demand that the district respect our work, honor our contract, and sit down and bargain with us. Among the issues that we’re pushing the district to negotiate on now are:

• Training for members to formally provide Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII) services. We signed a letter of agreement in our last contract that established a pilot BII program. The pilot program expired on June 30, 2018 and the District has stalled on negotiating with us to expand the program to eligible Special Education Assistants and Trainees.

• The reduction in force of classified employees which occurred at the beginning of the current school year.

• Z-time as it pertains to Procurement workers

• The creation of a position the district calls Vocation and Transition Assistant. The district can’t simply create new jobs. They must notify our union and bargain with us over the creation of any new positions or classifications that fall within the scope of Local 99 members’ work.

• The establishment of committees we set-up in our contract: School Cleanliness to address staffing shortages among Building & Grounds Workers and Education & Training for professional development for Local 99 members. Our students need cleaner schools! LAUSD must honor our contract and invest in dedicated school workers!

We’re calling on the district to act fairly, honor their agreements, and negotiate. Enough with the stalling. We’re ready to get down to business – the quality of student services is at stake.