Credit: Joe Brusky

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge cleared the path today for a teachers’ strike to start Monday, January 14.

The judge affirmed that UTLA notified LAUSD properly of their intent to strike and they have a legal right to strike on January 14, 2019.

“On Monday, January 14, if we do not have an offer from the school district that shows they are serious in investing in school district schools and school district students in a way that deals with the nurse crisis, the counselor crisis, the class size crisis…if we don’t see a serious proposal, then we will strike” said UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl in a press conference following an all-day bargaining meeting on Wednesday.

Now that LAUSD teachers have the legal clearance to go on strike, the question is whether UTLA and LAUSD will be able to reach an agreement before Monday and avert a strike. The two parties meet again on Friday.

While we hope LAUSD and UTLA can reach an agreement, we continue to prepare in the event of a strike. We’ve heard your questions about how a strike will impact Local 99 members and how we can support teachers and we’ve prepared answers to some of your Frequently Asked Questions.