Sympathy Strikes: Local 99 Members in the Valley

Special shout out to SEIU Local 99 members in the San Fernando Valley who had the largest concentration of schools that committed sympathy strike with teachers, including Haskell STEAM Magnet, Herrick Elementary, Hart St. Elementary, and Sylmar High School.

“We are out here to support students,” said Bertha Caraveo, a Special Ed Assistant and organizer of the sympathy strike at Sylmar High School. “We attended LAUSD…I have kids that attend LAUSD. Our kids need equal access to education. That’s why we’re walking the picket line with teachers.”

Gina Lopez, another Special Ed Assistant at Sylmar High puts it this way: “In the classroom, we work as a team and I figure, we need to work as a team out here too.”

Check out the video above of the action at Sylmar High School on Tuesday morning and see photos of sympathy strikes from more Valley schools here.

This is what union solidarity for quality education and better lives looks like!

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