SEIU 99 Members Launch Second Wave of Sympathy Strikes

SEIU Local 99 members have been out in force supporting teachers’ demands for smaller class sizes, more staffing, and greater investment in our students. Ten schools went out on sympathy strikes during the first four days of the teachers’ strike. On Friday, January 18, hundreds of members at an additional ten schools will not report to work and start a second wave of sympathy strikes.

The following schools will go on one to three day sympathy strikes starting on January 18:

  • Ernest P. Willenberg Special Ed Center, San Pedro (1 day)
  • Alta California Elementary School, Panorama City (1 day)
  • Park Western Place Elementary School, San Pedro (1 day)
  • Huntington Dr Elementary, Los Angeles (1 day)
  • Bushnell Way Elementary, Los Angeles (1 day)
  • Hoover St. Elementary, Los Angeles (1 day)
  • Haskell Elementary, Granada Hills (3 days)
  • John A. Sutter Middle School, Winnetka (1 day)
  • Harry Bridges Span School, Wilmington (1 day)
  • Osceola St. Elementary, Sylmar (1 day)

The following schools will go on one to three day sympathy strikes starting on Tuesday, January 22. Additional schools are being added:

  • Dyer St. Elementary, Sylmar (2 days)
  • Hamasaki Elementary, Los Angeles (3 days)
  • Venice High School (1 day)

SEIU Local 99 members should not strike unless your school is listed. If you would like to organize a sympathy strike at your school please complete a form and an organizer will be in contact with you to explain the process and the risks.

Let’s continue to stand union strong! Even if you are not sympathy striking, you can show your support for teachers by joining the picket lines before and after school and during your unpaid breaks. You should also not be doing teachers’ work. Per the Education Code, classified staff should not be supervising or instructing students without a teacher or other credentialed staff present. Report any unsafe or unlawful situations.

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