Sympathy Strikes Are Growing!

Since the start of the UTLA teacher’s strike at LAUSD on January 14, hundreds of SEIU Local 99 members have taken the courageous action to go on sympathy strikes. The teachers’ demands are our demands too. We want smaller class sizes and more staffing to ensure our students have the services they need, including more custodians and other classified staff to ensure every child can learn in a clean, safe, and supportive school.

Shout out to the schools that led sympathy strikes during week one of the strike: Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, Haskell STEAM Magnet Elementary School, Hart Street Elementary School, Herrick Avenue Elementary School, Hadden Avenue Early Education Center, Liggett Street Elementary SchoolSylmar Senior High School, 93rd St. Elementary School, 99th St. Elementary SchoolCarson Senior High School, Willenberg Special Ed Center, Alta California Elementary School, Park Western Place Elementary School, Huntington Dr Elementary, Bushnell Way Elementary, Hoover St. Elementary, John A. Sutter Middle School, Harry Bridges Span School, Osceola St. Elementary.

More schools leading sympathy strikes starting January 22

As teachers gear up for a second week of striking, their fight will get an extra push as they are joined by more than 600 SEIU 99 members at 24 additional schools going on sympathy strikes on Tuesday, January 22.

Below is a list of schools ready to sympathy strike starting on Tuesday, January 22 at 7am. Schools will be striking for one to three days. If you school is not on this list, you should not strike. If you’d like to lead a sympathy strike complete the form on this page and an organizer will contact you with more information. We stand united for smaller class sizes and more staffing to support our students.

  • Liechman Career Transition Center (1 day – 1/22)
  • 7th St. Elementary School  (1 day-1/22)
  • Banning High School (1 day-1/22)
  • Solano Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Mayberry Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Glassell Park Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Cantara St. Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Cabrillo Ave. Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Hamasaki Elementary (3 days – 1/22, 1/23, 1/24)
  • Venice High School (1 day -1/22)
  • Canterbury Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Sun Valley Magnet (1 day-1/22)
  • Haddon Ave Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Telfair Elementary (2 days – 1/22 & 1/23)
  • Broadous Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Fair Ave Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • O’Melveny Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Lassen Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Olive Vista Middle School (1 day-1/22)
  • Anatola Avenue Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Dyer St. Elementary (2 days – 1/22 & 1/23)
  • Kester Ave. Elementary (1 day – 1/22)
  • Saticoy Elementary (1 day – 1/22)
  • Erwin St. Elementary (1 day-1/22)
  • Sherman Oaks Elementary (1 day-1/22)

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