California’s Department of Social Services – Community Care Licensing has proposed new Safe Sleep Regulations for child care facilities in California. More than 3,500 babies in the country have died suddenly and unexpectedly every year while sleeping due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The regulations are proposed to reduce the risk of unsafe sleeping environments. These regulations will support preventive measures to lower the risk of SIDS. Here is a summary of the proposed regulations:


  • Providers must have one crib or play yard for each infant in your care.
  • Cribs will be free from all loose objects or articles.
  • Mattress must be firm and include a tight-fitted sheet.
  • Infants must not be forced to sleep, stay awake, or stay in the sleeping area.
  • If an infant falls asleep before being placed in a crib, you must move the infant to a crib as soon as possible.


  • Infants 12 months or younger must be placed on their backs when sleeping.
  • Infants must not be swaddled while in care.
  • Infants head must not be covered while sleeping.
  • All pacifiers must have nothing attached to them.
  • Providers must check in on infants every 15 minutes and keep doors to separate rooms open to allow you to visually observe any infants in your care. While infants are sleeping, you should check for labored breathing, signs of overheating, flushed skin, increase in body temperature, and restlessness.

Additional Rules

  • Car Seats: Car seats are for transportation only and cannot be used for sleeping.
  • Sleeping Plan: Each infant will have an infant sleeping plan on file which will cover their sleeping habits, usual environments, and infants rolling abilities.

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