On Tuesday, June 4, voters living in LAUSD boundaries will decide whether to pass Measure EE. If passed by two thirds of voters, Measure EE will generate $500 million a year for 12 years of additional locally-controlled funding for LAUSD. This is funding that will go into expanding the services we provide as school workers, reducing class sizes, expanding programs for students, and a whole host of other improvements. Measure EE means fulfilling our promise to students and parents, and improvements to our jobs (we go into full contract negotiations next year).

In this video, Special Education Assistants Ulises Leon, Toi Jackson, and Elizabeth Thomas Parker, and Speech Language Pathology Assistant Agnes Braga talk about their work and how Measure EE will impact their jobs, the district, and students.

Ulises, Toi, Elizabeth, and Agnes are also member leaders in our union’s campaign to pass Measure EE. Sign-up and join them in educating voters on Measure EE at seiu99.org/measure-ee.

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Video breakdown:

  • 0:30 – Talking about our work
  • 4:22 – What a tough day looks like
  • 6:10 – What we need in our jobs and what students need
  • 12:01 – What Measure EE is, how it’ll give us the funding for the things we need
  • 13:40 – How funds will be generated through Measure EE
  • 16:24 – When we vote we win: How we have the power to get Measure EE passed
  • 17:40 – How and when to vote