Participating school districts have begun to notify members who applied of their eligibility in the Summer Bridge program, also called the CA School Employee Summer Assistance Program. Through this state program, that Local 99 members helped pass, eligible members will be able to set aside funds for the summer starting next school year (2019-20) and receive matching contributions from the state starting in the summer of 2020.

This is the eligibility criteria classified employees must meet in order to participate:

  • You must have applied for the program by March 15, 2019 if you work for LAUSD, or March 1, 2019 for other participating districts
  • You must have been employed with the district for at least one year at the time you elect to participate in the program;
  • You are employed by the district for fewer than 12 months per fiscal year;
  • Your regular annual pay is less than two times the full time pay of a classified employee, paid at the state minimum wage for an entire school year, at the time of enrollment.

In calculating your annual pay, use the full-time criteria for your specific job classification. For example, if 6 hours per day is considered full time for your job classification, use 6 hours in your calculation. If 8 hours is considered full-time, use 8 hours in your calculation.

For example:
For an Instructional Assistant that at full-time works 6 hours a day for 180 days, the income threshold is $25,920 (6 hours x 180 days x $12 minimum wage x 2). That means an Instructional Assistant must earn $25,920 or less to be eligible for the program. This is only an example. You must calculate your earnings based on your hours and wages. Also, note that the $12 state minimum wage will increase to $13/hour on January 1, 2020.

Some things to keep in mind:

School districts will notify members who applied of their eligibility.

Even if you make more than twice the state minimum wage on an hourly basis, you can still be eligible if you earn less than the annual amount determined for eligibility in your job classification.

If you work during the summer in a job outside the school district, this pay should not be used to determine your eligibility. However, any summer assignments you take with the school district may affect your eligibility because the law requires that you work less than 12 months with the district to be eligible for the program.

If you have questions about the Summer Bridge program, review these Frequently Asked Questions or contact SEIU Local 99 using this form or by calling 213-637-0296.