On June 8, Child Care Providers United-SEIU Local 99 hosted an important meeting with the Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) at the Ruben Campos Community Center in San Bernardino. Providers from San Bernardino and surrounding cities came together to talk to with CCRC representatives about upcoming changes in their invoice format. CCRC announced they were making changes to providers in a letter sent on April 17, 2019. Providers were concerned about the sudden changes to the Attendance Sheet and, together, we requested a meeting with CCRC to clarify our doubts.

Providers took the opportunity to ask questions about how rates would be calculated, including how to submit premium hours for special needs children while contracting with CCRC. CCRC shared copies of the new form with all in attendance and took us step by step through the process of how to fill them out.

It was very great and informative meeting. I was able to get answers to my concerns about how to submit premium hours. CCRC said they will do the break down,” said Regina Tucker, Provider from Fontana.

The new invoice process will begin January 2020 but CCRC has already begun testing the form in some areas. If you have any question about the form or payment issues, contact CCRC directly. If you have trouble reaching someone contact your organizer.

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Here are some of the most common questions providers asked about the new form.

Yes, a provider can get paid both the evening/weekend differential and the hourly rate after 52.5. Please note: Payments made at the hourly rate after 52.5 cannot exceed the weekly FT rate. Essentially, a provider can only get paid double their weekly rate.

It is the same differential we know, 1.125 if care is between 10% to 50% and 1.25 if the care is more than 50%

The prorated is calculated based on the number of days of care approved and the amount paid for care per week or month. CCRC indicated that when it’s a variable schedule and the beginning of the month started mid-week or ends mid-week the provider will be paid based on their daily rate or hourly rate.