We officially opened negotiations with LAUSD on June 18 over our 2019-2020 wage increases. Our Bargaining Team spoke before the school board to let them know we’re ready to bargain.

“We look forward to a fair and equitable bargaining process that addresses staffing shortages and ensures fair and equitable wages for school workers, “ Special Education Assistant and Local 99 Bargaining Team Member Gilbert Feliciano told the board.

Members also spoke openly about being parents and grandparents of LAUSD students and what low wages mean for their children. Procurement Worker and Local 99 Executive Board Member Miguel Morales shared his struggles raising his five children on low wages. “I’m able to provide the bare minimum. To pay for any extras, I do side jobs like electrical work. My daughter plays softball and she was in a tournament that cost $200. I didn’t want to let her down, so I did what I had to do to pay for it. I also help my two daughters with their college tuition,” said Miguel. “Education is important to me because I don’t want them to struggle like I do.”

Debra Hamilton, a Building and Grounds Worker with 22 years on the job, spoke about the impact of staffing shortages. “When I started working here, there were nine of us cleaning the school. Now there are only one and a half workers. Good wages are needed to bring in more staff. Students should have schools that are clean on the inside and outside.”

Stay tuned for updates as we move forward with negotiations this summer. Our next bargaining session is Tuesday, June 25.