Together we’ve visited our legislators in Sacramento, organized rallies, involved more parents in the child care system, all while sharing our struggles and stories as family child care providers in California. Everything we’ve done this year has obligated the state to recognize the value of early childhood education and helped us expand the amount of funds available for the important care we offer to working families. We won’t stop until every family in California has access to quality, affordable child care!

Governor Newsom signed a new state budge this July and it in are millions of dollars for child care and early education! There are also important items to help us implement our law, AB 378. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Authorizes $10 million dollars to implement our legislation AB 378 (Limon). This funding will cover the costs of creating a list of and conducting a union election of family child care providers.
  • Authorizes the funding and the authority in the SEIU/UDW co-sponsored legislation, SB 321 (Mitchell) to provide families in Stage 1 child care with full-time continuous care for 12 months at a time. This creates stability for families on CalWORKs and for providers who rely on providing this care to support their own families.
  • Authorizes the creation of an additional 13,000 child care slots including 10,000 in Alternative Payment slots and 3,500 general child care slots.
  • Authorizes a 3.26% COLA increase for AP contracts which can be used by local child care agencies to fund more slots, creating more access for children and families and more stability for family child care providers.
  • Authorizes $195 million in workforce development dollars. Unlike years past, these dollars will cover family child care providers, not just child care center workers.
  • Authorizes $28 million in facilities funding.

We are following up on the implementaion of the funds for facilities and workforce development. When we have more details we will let you know. Check our website for updates.