Having fun in the sun while keeping the children we care for safe is one of our top priorities in the summer. Here are some helpful reminders and tips to keep your family child care safe.

Summer Pools: There is currently nothing in our family child care regulations concerning the use of pools at our homes. There is nothing stating they are prohibited or any rules. We recommend providers follow the best practices and use the regulations currently in place for child care centers. They are as follows:
101238.5 Wading Pools

  • (a) Notwithstanding the requirements of Section 101238(e), fencing is not required for inflatable or other portable plastic wading pools with sides low enough for children using the pool(s) to step out unassisted.
  • (1) These pools shall be emptied after each use.
    Please know these are recommendations for best practices and not a requirement by Licensing.

Dry Drowning: This occurs usually after a child had contact with water like in a pool or lake but can be caused by other situations. Breathing in water causes a child’s vocal cords to close up. That shuts off their air, making it hard to breathe. You would start to notice those signs right away. It is important to keep a close eye on your children whenever they are near a body of water or in a pool. Never leave a child unattended.

Protective Clothing: Use sun blocking and protective clothing or accessories to shield children from excessive sun exposure. As always be sure to also use sunscreen 30 minutes before heading outdoors.

  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Cotton clothing or clothing with built in SPF

Beach Trips: Here is an additional site to find information about beach excursions for children.

Bodies of Water in Child Care

Here is an informational video offered by the Community Care Licensing on what are the regulations about water for family child care.