On October 3-5, thousands of SEIU members from across the country landed in Los Angeles to hear from presidential hopefuls Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Joe Biden, Beto O’Rourke, and Pete Buttegei at our Unions for All National Presidential Summit. Presidential elections and the National Democractic Convention are just around the corner. SEIU members, including family child care providers, are ready to put their political power behind the best candidate for working families. Candidates participated in forums where they were posed with vital questions on health care, housing, child care, worker’s rights, and racial justice.

“It was great to hear candidates speak to child care and early education issues during the summit. Early care is often pushed to the side in the national conversation so we are happy to have brought it to the forefront of candidates minds as providers,” said Amasha Griffin, Provider from Apple Valley who attended the summit.

Child care was a central feature in member’s questions and also throughout the summit. All presidential candidates in attendance were walked through a special exhibit documenting the 15-year history of our fight to bring unions and quality care to the child care system in California. Providers Deanna Robles (Baldwin Park), Amasha Griffin (Apple Valley), Catalina Johnson (Bellflower), and Renaldo Sanders led candidates through our exhibit and reiterated our ask for their support for unions for all and child care for all.

“It was an empowering experience to have presidential candidates see the vital work we do through our stories and history. As providers, we understand unions for all is the only way to life working families out of poverty and enable hard-working providers like ourselves to offer the best quality of care for the little ones,” said Deanna Robles, Provider from Baldwin Park.

The three-day convention also highlighted important election measures in California like the Schools and Communities First – a ballot measure to bring more funds to public education and essential social services (see story on the last page for details on SCF). It was also an opportunity for members across the country to come together and build relationships across locals. In the coming months, SEIU International will review members’ input to decide who will be our official candidate for the 2020 elections. Together, we know we can win unions for all and child care for all!