TAS Board Refused to Listen to Parents

Last month we sent out a call to march on the Accelerated Schools in our efforts to bring justice to our beloved community of South LA. I would like to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to those of you who met us at TAS and to those who participated in our online actions demanding they reinstate me to my position as Health Services Coordinator, a post I held proudly for over a decade.

Watch as community demands TAS Board President, Juli Quinn, uphold our right to public comment

When we arrived October 24, we were prepared to give our testimony for a second time after TAS canceled September’s meeting abruptly. Upon our arrival TAS obligated all community members to register, a new protocol we were not informed of, thus delaying our entry to the meeting. Once we arrived, the Board of Trustees stated public comment was over and we would no longer allowed to speak on record. Our presence at the Board meeting had a clear impact. 

After protesting and demanding they listen to the community, they conferred in an aside, a possible violation of the Brown Act, and decided they would allow parents and other community members to speak only for 15 minutes. This is a public, open forum meant for parents and community to participate in decision-making at the Accelerated Schools. It was also days after my union, SEIU Local 99 – Education Workers United, filed charges against TAS for retaliation against my union activity. 

Watch as TAS Board President, Juli Quinn, attempts to deny our right to public comment

The TAS board preferred to shut down the entire meeting instead of listening to the voices of our community. It is clear TAS does not want to play fair nor listen to the community. I am resilient knowing I have hundreds of community members in my home standing with me. We will not give up until they have done right by the community. Together, we will win.

In Unity,

Hilda Rodriguez-Guzman

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