Our SEIU Local 99 Bargaining Team prepares for negotiations with LAUSD.

Over the past few months, we’ve been meeting with LAUSD to negotiate over our wages. We’ve let the district know that we want them to think outside the box and look at different ways to increase pay and compensation for Local 99 members.

We do important work, yet many of us continue to struggle on low, part time pay. We’ve asked the district to explore:

  • increasing work hours,
  • allowing us to cash-out our vacation time,
  • more training and education programs so we can promote to higher paying positions,
  • expanding summer work

We’ve put a lot of things in front of LAUSD. And a straight-up wage increase is still on the table. What we win is up to all of us.

We know the district won’t be easy to budge.  As your bargaining team, we’re committed to stand strong, but we can’t do this alone. We need you to stand with us.

Here are two things you can do now:

  1. If you’re not a member of SEIU Local 99, sign-up now. We have strength in numbers and if the district sees we’re serious about standing union strong, they will listen.
  2. Sign the Schools & Communities First petition and help gather signatures. This initiative will bring more permanent money into our schools so we can negotiate for good jobs with living wages, more staffing, better training and more. Learn more and take action.

Your SEIU Local 99 Bargaining Team:

Max Arias, SEIU Local 99 Executive Director
Conrado Guerrero, SEIU Local 99 President and LAUSD Building Engineer
Miguel Morales, SEIU Local 99 Executive Board Member and LAUSD Warehouse Stock Worker
Elizabeth Parker, SEIU Local 99 Executive Board Member and LAUSD Special Education Assistant
Bart Weil, SEIU Local 99 Executive Board Member and LAUSD Special Education Assistant
Tanya Walters, LAUSD Bus Driver
Edna Logan, LAUSD Building and Grounds Worker
Robinson Landeta, LAUSD Automotive Maintenance Fleet-Parts Storekeeper
Antonio Ahumada, LAUSD Truck Driver
Eduardo Abrignani, LAUSD Automotive Mechanic
Deborah Hamilton, LAUSD Building and Grounds
Haydee Malacas, LAUSD Community Representative
Thresa Thomas, LAUSD Senior Food Service Worker
Ryan Jack, LAUSD Special Education Assistant
John Lewis, LAUSD Heavy Bus Driver
Margaret Williams, LAUSD Senior Food Service Worker