Our SEIU Local 99 Bargaining Team has reached a tentative contract agreement with Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District. Below is a summary of the tentative agreement. The full language of the tentative agreement is available here.

Article 1 – Agreement, Designation of Parties, and Length of Contract: New contract expires 6/30/2021; economic Articles subject to reopener negotiations in 2020-2021.

Article 2 – Recognition: No changes.

Article 3 – Workload: No changes.

Article 4 – Hours of Employment: Clarify process for making additional assignments; delete obsolete cap on accrual of compensatory time.

Article 5 – Evaluation Procedures: No changes.

Article 6 – Remediation Procedures: No changes.

Article 7 – Safety Conditions of Employment: Add language to clarify that only those classifications designated by the District shall be required to wear uniforms at work.

Article 8 – Transfers: Change “SEIU/District Contract” to “Collective Bargaining Agreement.”

Article 9 – Leaves of Absence: No changes.

Article 10 – Holidays: No changes.

Article 11 – Vacation: No changes.

Article 12 – Stewards: No changes.

Article 13 – Grievance Procedure: No changes.

Article 14 – Non-Discrimination: No changes.

Article 15 – Personnel Files: No changes.

Article 16 – Wages: 2.25% on-schedule, retro to 7/1/2019; each classification increased by two ranges, effective 7/1/2019, with employees moving to the step on the new range that equals their current wage; change language to clarify that the lowest wage in the bargaining unit shall be no less than the current minimum wage; clarifies that the District shall provide uniforms (and replace damaged uniforms) to any employees required to wear them.

Article 17 – Health and Welfare Benefits: Update language to reflect the provisions of health benefits MOUs dated 9/7/2018 and 9/26/2019 and include these MOUs as a new Appendix.

Article 18 – Professional Growth Program: No changes.

Article 19 – Special Provisions: Change references to “Instructional Assistant Special Education” to “Paraeducator Special Education” in Section 19.7 and throughout the rest of the Contract.

Article 20 – Contracting Out: No changes.

Article 21 – Site-Based Supervision: No changes.

Article 22 – Retained Rights: No changes.

Article 23 – Union Rights: Add New Employee Orientation language.

Article 24 – Organizational Security: Remove agency fee provisions to comply with Janus decision; new language requires District to maintain payroll deductions for dues unless notified by the Union.

Article 25 – Union Insurance Programs: No changes.

Article 26 – Work Stoppage: No changes.

Article 27 – Separability and Savings: No changes.

Article 28 – Entire Agreement: No changes.

Article 29 – Working Out of Class: No changes.

Article 30 – Layoffs/Reductions in Hours: No changes.

Article 31 – Negotiation Procedures: No changes.

Appendices: No change to existing appendices; add new appendix with Health Care MOUs of 9/7/2018 and 9/26/2019.