People-Powered Politics: 2020 Elections Page is Live!

An important part of our mission as a union is to raise the standard of living for all members and all working people. Part of this work means electing to office women and men who make policy and budgetary decisions that affect our jobs and communities.

Some of these elected officials—like members of the school board—make decisions that directly impact our jobs, while higher level officials—like the U.S. President or members of the U.S. Congress—make broad decisions that impact entire sectors of the economy or entire industries, such as the health care industry.

Today, we launch our 2020 Elections web page where members can learn about key elections our union is involved in, the candidates SEIU Local 99 members have endorsed, and how you can be part of the change.

Get informed, get involved, and together, we can make great strides in 2020 and beyond for quality education and better lives!

Paid for by Service Employees International Union Local 99. 2724 West 8th Street Los Angeles, CA 90005. Not authorized by or coordinated with a City candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate. Additional information is available at

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