2020 is off with a bang! Our bill, AB 378 (Limon), is now officially a law. This means we are ready to file for our union election and that’s exactly what we did February 5! Providers from across the state came together in Sacramento. We delivered over 10,000 union cards to California’s Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) showing we are united across neighborhood, race, creed, or language. PERB is the agency that will conduct our election and formally recognize our union when we win so we can begin bargaining with the state. We will change early care and education for ourselves, the children we care for, and the families that depend on us.

“Today hundreds of us let California know providers are ready to vote YES for our union – the tool that will allow us to raise our rates, help working families get child care, and build the best early care and education system. I’ve waited 16 years for this moment and can say providers are ready to advocate for ourselves and the children we care for. Nothing will hold us back,”
– Catalina Johnson, Bellflower

Providers United statewide, a partnership between SEIU Local 99, SEIU Local 521, and UDW-AFSCME 3930. CCPU is made up of two of the strongest unions in the country, SEIU and AFSCME. Together we are over 2 million members strong. Providers will make history as the largest number of workers coming together in a union since the 1990s in California. We will also lead the world of early care and education as the largest provider organization in the country!

Look for your ballot in the mail

Under the law, our union must be formally recognized by the state of California by June 1. We are 40,000 child care providers and we can do it. But, it is up to us to show California, Governor Newsom, and everyone watching that we are united and strong by casting our vote. In just a few weeks, you can expect to receive your ballot for our union election in the mail. We must mobilize our fellow providers and our network to all VOTE YES for Child Care Provider United!

Become a Vote Yes Captain

Many of us are already taking on leadership roles as Get-Out-The-Vote captains. Captains will help move other providers in their area to VOTE YES for CCPU and guarantee we win our election. We’re hosting house meetings across Southern California in cities like Long Beach, Antelope Valley, Victorville, South Los Angeles. Providers are getting together and sharing their hopes and dreams when we win the right to negotiate our contract. You can still sign-on to host a house meeting or become a GOTV captain, if you’re interested, please contact Melissa Noriega at 213-215-7947; [email protected]

Together we can negotiate for higher reimbursement rates, timely payments, secure child care funding, benefits, and more. Help build the best early care and education system California deserves. Our children are counting on you!

We’re Pledging to VOTE YES! for Child Care Providers United

Long Beach




South Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles

Providers are getting together across the state and signing onto our pledge to VOTE YES for Child Care Providers United when our ballots arrive in the mail! Together, as a strong union with a seat at the table, providers have the power to raise rates, win benefits, improve training, expand access and affordability, and strengthen our communities.

You can sign onto our petition now.