Senator Warren Walks a Day in our Shoes

Family child care providers are commanding the attention of presidential candidates and urging voters to support our efforts to make high-quality child care accessible for all families! In December 2019, CCPU providers hosted Senator Elizabeth Warren at the San Jose home of SEIU Local 521 member Rosa Carreño. During her visit, Senator Warren spent the day walking in the shoes of family child care providers helping Rosa serve lunch, play, and teach the children in her care. Our “walk-a-day” event helped Senator Warren understand our work and the complex system providers must navigate while supporting families in our communities with vital early care and education.

Watch highlights from the day.

After spending time with the little ones, providers Alicia Turner (Patterson), Miren Algorri (East Bay), and Ana Celeste Galeano (Long Beach), joined Rosa to discuss pressing questions we had for Senator Warren. We talked about her plan for getting all workers access to forming unions, how we’ll get all families quality child care, how to raise rates, find health care options for providers, have corporations to pay their fair share, and end the education gaps for Black and Brown students.

“It was an amazing experience to sit down with Senator Warren and shine a light on what we as providers expect from our presidential candidates. I am confident through our union we will change the face of child care in 2020,” said Ana Celeste (Long Beach). 

Watch the full conversation.

And, it looks like we’re making an impact. Just a few weeks later both Senator Warren and Mayor Buttigieg made direct comments about the dismal state of child care in our nation during the Democractic Debate on CNN. “It makes no sense for child care to cost ⅔ of what someone makes…Subsidizing child care and making sure that we’re building up a workforce of people that are paid at a decent level to offer early childhood education,’’ said Mayor Buttigieg.

We agree Mayor Buttigieg and we expect as move closer to 2020 more candidates take a stand for #unionsforall and #childcareforall!

In 2020 Corporations Will Pay Their Fair Share!

Providers know full and well that business is booming in the Golden State. In fact, California is home to the fifth largest economy in the WORLD! But for small businesses like ours it’s a very different story. Working families carry the largest burden to keep this country going while big corporations get billion dollar tax breaks. This 2020 we have an opportunity to change that with the School and Communities First (SCF) Initiative in California.

SCF will end a corporate property tax loophole that has allowed big businesses operating in California—like Chevron, McDonalds, and Disney—to avoid paying their fair share, to the tune of $12 billion dollars a year. That’s $12 billion dollars a year our communities could use for parks, libraries, emergency services (i.e. fires, earthquakes, etc), roads, and our public schools.

Restoring vital funding for our public services and schools can help us make quality education available for every child and will invest in all our children.

Learn more about SCF here.