Licensed-exempt providers are clear – we deserve more support to gain our child care licenses and our union will lead the way! In February, we held a workshop that outlined, step by step, how we can become licensed. We spent time sharing what drove each of us to want to obtain our license. We know there is a drastic shortage of licensed child care providers and many of us are motivated by our collective goal to expand access to quality care and early education for California’s families.

During our training we reviewed the licensing application and thoroughly examined each requirement. We learned about what to expect from an initial visit from licensing, how to complete orientation, how to get our Live Scan completed, and more.

“I appreciated getting to know more providers and having a packet to take home to make the licensing process easier. I encourage everyone to join our union,” said Nicole Girard (Los Angeles)

We also held a question and answer forum with a licensed provider. Tonia’s real-life experience helped us understand how the licensing process works in practice and how we can set ourselves up for success. Each of us left with a packet of resources and wind in our sails on our journeys to becoming licensed! If you missed the workshop you can find some materials we shared here:

Learn about what it takes to become a licensed provider.

Learn about how AB 378 will impact license-exempt providers.