Every four years our International Union has a convention where delegates from SEIU Locals meet to decide the policies and plans for our Union, and to elect International Union officers. The election of delegates is determined by the SEIU Constitution and Bylaws, which dictate the procedures that Locals must follow in order to have voting delegates at the Convention.

The 2020 SEIU Convention will be held in Chicago from April 24-27. Local 99 is entitled to 31 delegates.

These are the results of the delegate election that took place on March 7:

Industry Division Delegates
Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Kathleen Hamm
  • Marisol Aguilar
  • Lynneier Boyd-Peterson
  • Miguel Morales Jr
  • Belen Lontoc
Small Public K-12 (Compton, Hacienda La Puente, Lynwood, Montague Charter Academy, Pleasant Valley, Santa Monica Malibu, The Accelerated Schools, Torrance Unified School Districts)
  • Kathy Yates-Lomax
  • Enga Chatman
  • Marissa McKeever
  • Linda J Rollins
Early Education (Mexican American Opportunity Foundation, Options)
  • Amelia Soto
Higher Education (Los Angeles County Community College District, Ventura County Community College District)
  • Maria Urenda
  • Olivia Long
  • Carlos Diaz
  • Chris Ozan
County Office of Education (LACOE)
  • Ramon Capiral
  • Vendon Smith
  • Richard Lowe
  • Spencer Davis
Child Care
  • Deanna Coronado Robles
  • Nikita Houston
  • Suetonius Carrera
  • Keenan Davis
  • Ronnie Martin