After speaking with LA Community College leadership, it’s clear that LACCD is not taking our demands for safety and protection against COVID-19 seriously. It’s time to take action. If you are a LACCD employee and still reporting to work, join SEIU Local 99 members taking a stand for safety and do not report to work starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 14.

I understand this is a strong action, but it is necessary. Without the proper protective equipment and safety practices, lives are at stake.

I’ve heard from many of you about taking this action and I want to provide you with answers to some of your questions:

Will I be paid for the time I am off of work?
Yes. Your pay is protected during this job action.  Under Article 11 of our contract, you have the right to safe working conditions and to demand protection. You cannot lose any pay for participating in this job action. However, if you do not receive your full pay, report it immediately to our union by completing this form.

Can my boss retaliate against me for taking this action?
No. Your rights to demand a safe working environment are protected under Article 11 of our contract. If you have any issues with your boss, report it immediately using this form.

How long will we be off the job?
This is about everyone’s safety and workers should not return to work unless and until LACCD presents a guarantee in writing that it is providing the necessary protective equipment to everyone, a plan on how it will be distributed and how the district will secure everyone’s safety.

Our first opportunity to put pressure on the board of trustees will be during their meeting on Wednesday, April 15 at 3:00pm. Plan to join their Facebook Live meeting @LACCD and post your comments. The sooner we can push the district to resolve this issue, the sooner everyone will be able to return to work.

How do I participate? Should I call my boss to report I’m not going to work?
LACCD is aware of the unsafe conditions and the work stoppage for safety. You do NOT need to call your supervisor tomorrow. You simply do not report to work.

What legal or other protections do I have?
We have filed a formal complaint with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) because LACCD is violating state safety guidelines by not providing proper protective equipment. Furthermore, LACCD is not following Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order calling on districts to provide personal protective equipment to minimize exposure and we are raising this issue at the state level as well.

Take Action: Lives Are at Stake
Last week, an LACCD employee passed-away due to a COVID-19 related illness. The situation is very serious and we must take action. Join with hundreds of SEIU Local 99 members and take a  stand by not reporting to work starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 14 – and not returning until it is safe for you, your families, and communities.

United We Are Strong,
Max Arias
SEIU Local 99 Executive Director