Today, many SEIU Local 99 members at LACCD refused to show-up to work to call attention to the lack of proper protective equipment for those working on campus. The district listened. This morning, union stewards and staff held a conference call with Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez, Vice Chancellor Albert Roman and members of their team. The chancellor stated that the health and safety of all workers is important and he made several commitments that we feel will allow members to safely return to work tomorrow.

The chancellor agreed that personal protective equipment must be available to everyone and that if you report to work and it is not available, you can go home with full pay. Chancellor Rodriguez sent this notification in writing confirming his instruction. He further included these safety guidelines for cleaning college facilities.

We also agreed to continue to meet starting tomorrow morning on other pending issues, including setting-up protocols for assignments and the distribution of proper protective equipment, hazard pay for those of us required to report to work on-site, and following the Governor’s guidelines for the use of sick time, vacation and other leave for those in high-risk groups.

The chancellor made it clear that he values and respects our work and we look forward to continuing to address issues with him. If you have any concerns when you return to work tomorrow or moving forward, you should immediately report it to your Steward or by completing this form.

We will continue to keep you updated. Front line workers are being heard.

Our unity is our strength.