Members on our SEIU Local 99 paraprofessionals team met with LAUSD on April 16 to discuss the role and responsibility of paraprofessionals in the district’s remote learning program. We discussed several issues and agreed on these guidelines. I do want to stress that the guidelines are temporary as we work to meet the needs of our students during this pandemic. We also know this is un-chartered territory and we will continue to discuss issues and concerns with the district as the program rolls-out.

Assignments outside our regular job description: We hear you regarding concerns about communicating directly with parents. The district stated that they understand this is not a part of our regular work but that it may be necessary for us to do this during the pandemic. We were clear with LAUSD that no one should be disciplined or reprimanded for issues that may come up on assignments are not part of our regular job description.

Technology, equipment and access to Schoology: The district said it is providing all equipment and internet access to members who need it to do their job. If any member does not have access to technology and equipment, they should notify their supervisor. No one will be reprimanded because they don’t have the proper technology. Additionally, anyone who needs access to Schoology will be given their own access. You should notify your supervisor. No member should be using a teacher’s log-in information to access Schoology.

Work Hours & Sick Leave: I also want to highlight that all assignments should be done during your regular work hours. If your day normally ends at 3pm, you should not be doing anything after-hours. If you need to take sick leave for a non-COVID19 related illness, you should follow the regular call-in procedures. However, there is Emergency Sick Leave for COVID19 related illnesses and situations. Read more here.

What about Speech Language Pathology Assistants (SLPAs)?: These guidelines do not include SLPAs. The district is still working on those plans and we will be meeting to discuss this with the district at a later date.

Notify us immediately of any issues : I know we are all adjusting to these new times. It is necessary to be flexible to support our students but we also need to ensure that there is clarity on expectations and assignments. If you have questions or concerns on what you are being asked to do, please notify us by submitting this form. We will continue to address your concerns with the district.