As we move into a new phase of quarantine, the district has issued updates to facilities work assignments that will take effect this week. However, we have concerns about how these changes will impact everyone’s health and safety.

SEIU Local 99 member leaders are demanding to meet with the district to discuss these new changes:

Sick Time and Vacation Days –  The district is now requiring workers to use their sick and vacation time if they’re unable to go to a worksite or work remotely. This means workers with chronic illnesses, over 65 years of age or in other high-risk groups who are in self-quarantine will need to apply to be exempt from work and be approved by LAUSD. This is unacceptable. And it violates Governor Newsom’s order which specifically states that “no employee should have accrued leave deducted for taking time to self-quarantine for health reasons.”

Child Care – Many Local 99 members are also parents. As they’re called back to their worksites and schools remain closed to students, they will need child care. The district has simply offered a link to resources. But we know working parents need more than that. As part of our negotiations, we are urging the district to provide a stipend to help parents pay for quality child care.

Finally, as more employees are asked to report back to a worksite, it’s important to ensure that everyone has proper protective equipment. If you are not provided with the masks, gloves and other supplies you need, report it immediately. And keep in mind that the district will pay an additional $5/hour to everyone reporting to a worksite.

We are demanding to meet with the district this week regarding these issues. If you have questions about your specific assignment, please complete an inquiry form.

Let’s continue to stand union strong.