Our team of SEIU Local 99 stewards, members leaders and staff met with LAUSD today to discuss our concerns with the district’s new directives for reporting to work.

First, and most urgently, we made it clear that LAUSD must provide appropriate masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to all workers who are being required to report to work at a school or worksite away from home.

If you are not provided with the personal protective equipment you need to do your job safely, you should not work. Follow these steps:

  1. Let your supervisor know that you are leaving because it is not safe to work.
  2. Document and report the incident using the SEIU 99 Inquiry Form.

The district cannot retaliate against you. This is your right under the Safety Conditions articles in our contracts.

We also discussed the district’s plan to begin to tap into workers’ sick and vacation time if they’re unable to report to work. We made it clear that this violates Governor Newsom’s order which says “no employee should have accrued leave deducted for taking time to self-quarantine for health reasons.”  The district agreed to review this and respond at our next meeting.

As we move forward, let’s continue to make sure that the re-opening of schools is done in a safe and fair manner.

Our unity is our strength.