Banners won’t cut it! Value our work and our lives by providing hero pay!

LACCD claims to value essential workers. They call us heroes. They even put-up these “thank you” banners on campus. But banners won’t cut it. For months they’ve been stalling on providing hero pay to workers on the front lines.

While most of the world shelters in place, custodians at LACCD have been leaving the safety of our homes. We’re cleaning grounds and facilities that may be contaminated with COVID-19, cleaning bodily fluids in restrooms and working in campuses that continue to be accessible to the public.

We’re risking our lives to help protect our communities. But Chancellor Francisco Rodriguez and the Board of Trustees have failed to take action.

To make matters worse, they’re forcing workers to tap into our sick and vacation time for COVID-19 related absences. It penalizes workers with pre-existing conditions – and goes completely against Governor Newsom’s April 1st order.

Join us in demanding that the LA Community College District:

  • Immediately provide hero pay to essential workers risking our lives and the lives of our families.
  • Stop forcing vulnerable workers to take sick and vacation time for COVID-19 absences

Here’s what you can do now:
1. Post your message on social media using the hashtags: #HeroPay #SEIU99
2. Tag the District, Chancellor and Board so they see your post.
3. Send the Chancellor and Board an Email demanding hero pay for essential workers.

Here’s their contact information. Click on their name for their Facebook page:
Francisco C. Rodríguez (Chancellor) – [email protected]
Andra Hoffman[email protected] / Twitter: @andra_hoffman
David Vela[email protected]
Steve Veres[email protected] / Twitter: @sveres
Dr. Gabriel Buelna[email protected] / Twitter: @gabriel_buelna
Ernest Moreno[email protected]
Mike Fong[email protected] / Twitter: @mikeinla7
Scott Svonkin[email protected] / Twitter: @scottsvonkin