In the last few weeks, we have seen hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets all over the country demanding an end to the structural racism that has harmed and endangered the lives of Black people for generations. Union members have been among the many voices calling for change and we are proud of  SEIU’s Resolution in Support of the Movement for Black Lives.

As we put our demands into action, SEIU Local 99 is firmly in support of defunding the police. But, to be clear, defunding the police does not mean eliminating the police. It means defunding the policies and practices that criminalize our children and promote the school to prison pipeline. It means no guns or handcuffs or choke holds on our children. It means more investment in education, counseling, parent engagement, after school programs and other services that have been decimated over the last several decades – with dire consequences on Black and Brown communities.

Join us as we rally with Black Lives Matter-LA and other groups standing strong for justice and equity!

Tuesday, June 16


Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

322 S. Lucas Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90017