As we move forward to recover and rebuild from this pandemic, the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD) is moving to cut child development centers and other essential services. This means the layoff of more than 60 dedicated education workers and many children and families losing their child care and early learning programs.

SEIU Local 99 members are fighting back.

On July 2, our member-led bargaining team met with district management. The district claimed that they’re cutting the program because parents don’t want it, there’s no money and they don’t know if the school district will re-open in the fall.

None of this makes sense. Members who work on the front lines know that there is a high demand from parents to return to the program and a safe re-opening will require more staff, not less.  Furthermore, the recently signed state budget does not cut education funding. And the SMMUSD Board has not made a decision yet about how and when schools will re-open. So why are administrators rushing to shut down child development centers?

We’re ready to take action. On July 16, the SMMUSD Board will be announcing their recommendation for the reopening of schools in the fall. They will be considering these massive cuts to child development services and other critical student services. We must make our voices heard.

Here’s what you can do now:

Sign this petition. We’ll be delivering it to the school board on July 16.

Stay tuned for more updates. Our next bargaining session with SMMUSD is on July 9.