LAUSD Bargaining Update: District Shows No Clear Plans to Ensure Safety

Just days before the new school year is set to begin, LAUSD is demonstrating that they still don’t have clear plans to ensure the safety of classified employees and to recognize our role in student learning during this pandemic.

We have been meeting with the district daily over the past week. We’ve been pushing back on everything that raises safety concerns. Today, we moved the district to make changes to their plans for professional development.

Be aware that if you are a paraprofessional, you now have the option of attending mandatory professional development trainings either at a school site or online. You are NOT required to attend these trainings in-person. The trainings are set to begin August 17. 

Another major concern is the district’s decision to require all C-Basis employees to return to worksites next week. When we pressed LAUSD on what guidelines, PPE and social distancing protocols they’ve set-up to ensure that everyone is safe, it was clear that they have nothing in place.

It is still our position that if you are required to report to a worksite and proper PPE is not available, you should document it using the SEIU Local 99 online inquiry form and leave the worksite – and this should have no impact on your pay.

SEIU Local 99 members have been working diligently since schools shut down to feed our communities, disinfect and sanitize schools, support students with distance learning and prepare campuses to eventually reopen. We’ve been on the frontlines. We are essential workers. Today, we stood strong to demand more state and federal funding for our schools. Yet, LAUSD is not recognizing our contributions.

Our team will return to the bargaining table tomorrow. Join us on Saturday, August 15 at 10am via Zoom for the latest updates. Register here. 

SEIU Local 99 Bargaining Team

Max Arias, SEIU99 Exec. Director
Conrado Guerrero, Building Engineer / SEIU 99 President
Elizabeth Thomas-Parker, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU99 Vice President
Eddie Abrignani, Mechanic
Marisol Aguilar, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU 99 Exec. Board Member
Tony Ahumada, Truck Driver
Jesus Bernal, Mechanic
Gilbert Feliciano, Special Ed. Asst.
Robinson Landeta, Fleet Storekeeper
John Lewis, Bus Driver / SEIU99 Exec. Board Member
Haydee Malacas, Community Rep.
Virginia Miranda, Sign Language Interpreter
Miguel Morales, Stock Clerk / SEIU 99 Exec. Board Member
Ken Ng, IT Field Services Tech.
Lori Oshiro, Speech Language Pathology Asst.
Santos Robles, IT Solution Tech.
Jack Ryan, Special Ed. Asst.
Teresa Thomas, Food Svc. Worker
Jeanette Verbera, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU99 Exec. Board Member
Bart Weil, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU99 Exec. Board Member
Margaret Williams, Food Svc. Worker

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  1. gracyfo23 August 14, 2020 at 8:49 am

    What about pregnant women? Should they go back to work? I’m a campus aide and six months pregnant. I don’t know if going back on campus is safe for me.

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