As the new school year takes flight, it is clear that LAUSD still does not have many programs and practices in place. The most recent example is the roll-out of their COVID-19 testing sites. The safety of SEIU Local 99 members working on the front lines is critical and we will not allow the district to put anyone’s life in danger as they figure out their plans. It’s important that we all remain vigilant and ready to take action as we continue to move forward.

We have been calling-out LAUSD’s lack of planning and disorganization and have pushed the district to further clarify safety procedures for those assigned to testing centers.

Campus Aides & Health Care Assistants Do Not Have to Report to Worksites While Waiting for COVID-19 Test Results
If you have NOT received the results of your COVID-19 test, you do not have to report to work at a school or other physical worksite. In fact, after you are given the test, you should go home to wait for the results. While you wait, you may work remotely from home. If there is no work for you to do from home, you must remain at home and you will continue to be paid.

Once you receive your test results:
If your test is negative for COVID-19, you can report to your assigned worksite.
If your test is positive for COVID-19, you must stay at home and self-quarantine. Per our agreement with LAUSD, you will continue to receive 100% of your pay for ten days while you are in self-quarantine. You will also have access to any other state or federal benefits and Family Medical Leave. For the full language please see the agreements.

The district has informed all supervisors and principals of this agreement and no one should be required to report to work at a physical worksite while they are awaiting test results. If you are directed to report to work, notify your supervisor that this violates district policy and Local 99’s agreement and you have the right to go home. Contact your Steward or Organizer to report it immediately. Or complete an online inquiry form.

Training for those working at the COVID-19 testing sites
SEIU Local 99 members should not be working at the testing sites without an RN, LVN or other medical provider present.Training and PPE must be provided for everyone working at the site. Health Care Assistants and Campus Aides will be part of a team that includes a Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse. Additionally, the L.A. County Health Department will also be working with the teams.

Teacher Assistants’ Health Benefits Protected
Another example of LAUSD’s confusion was the notice they sent to Teacher Assistants last week stating that their health care coverage was being cut. The district claimed that the “Natural Disaster Hours” worked during the school shutdown did not count toward their health care benefits eligibility. Wrong! Our member-led bargaining team took action and teacher assistants will not be losing any health care benefits. This is yet another example of why it’s important to stand union strong. This pandemic does not mean that the district can ignore our contract.

It’s up to the district to set-up child care for LAUSD employees
The district made a grand announcement about offering child care for district workers who are required to report to a school or worksite. But again, they had no plan. Now, they say the child care/student supervision centers should be set-up by August 31. We’ll see about that. In the meantime, if you signed-up for the district’s child care program, you can work from home until the program is set-up. If there is no remote work available, you should continue to get paid until LAUSD sets-up the child care centers.

More than ever, it’s important that we continue to stand union strong. Report any unsafe working conditions. Check-out answers to some of your frequently asked questions. And get ready to fight-back if LAUSD’s confusing – even dangerous – directives continue.