This year isn’t just another election year.

Who we elect to office will decide how we safely reopen schools and recover from this pandemic. And how we vote on ballot measures will determine if we have the resources to come back stronger than before – or face cutbacks. This year is also different because we must stay socially distanced as we get the word out to voters.

83% of respondents in a media and advertising survey trust and believe word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family more than paid advertisements.
2015 Global Trust in Advertising Report, Nielsen

That’s why SEIU Local 99 has launched OutreachCircle.

OutreachCircle is a mobile app that easily lets you inform and mobilize family, friends, and anyone else in your social circle who trusts your word on who and what’s good for our schools, jobs and communities.

With OutreachCircle, you’re empowered to be:

  • An influential advocate for current issues and policies that impact our schools, jobs and communities.

  • A trusted voice to counter the fake ‘news’ and political ads trying to mislead voters within your social circle.

From now until November 3rd, let’s work together to move our family, friends and each other to boost support for quality schools, good jobs and safer communities.

Join OutreachCircle Now

With the OutreachCircle App, you can view and share information from your phone about our key races, including Yes on Proposition 15 to put schools & communities first, Patricia Castellanos and Scott Schmerelson for LAUSD School Board, and George Gascon for L.A. District Attorney. The more of us on OutreachCircle, the louder our voice in this election!

We’re Here to Help

Need help getting set up on OutreachCircle? Send an email to [email protected]. Leave a phone number and describe the problem you’re having.

What Races Are We Supporting on OutreachCircle?

To learn more about each of these important races and why they matter to SEIU Local 99 members, visit

Join OutreachCircle and Get a Free Mask

All SEIU Local 99 Members signed-up on OutreachCircle are eligible to receive an exclusive Commit to Equity face mask. Commit to Equity, which SEIU Local 99 is a part of, is a statewide coalition of frontline workers, seniors, environmentalists, and advocates for social and racial justice. Yes on Prop 15 is one of the campaigns the coalition is working to pass.

To get the mask, simply sign-up for OutreachCircle. When you’re logged in, go to the Action titled “Show Your Commitment to Equity While Staying Safe!” and fill out the form The mask will be mailed to you upon verification of your Local 99 membership.

Show your commitment to equity while staying safe!

Join OutreachCircle Now

How to Join SEIU Local 99’s OutreachCircle in Three Easy Steps

  1. Scan this QR code with your mobile phone (use your phone’s camera and get in close on the code) OR go to

  2. When the website loads, tap the green “View Actions” button to join SEIU Local 99’s OutreachCircle.

  3. Sign-up with your existing Google or Facebook account or create an account with your email.